Ever wonder where to start with healthy eating to control your blood sugars?

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Out of whack blood sugars can make you feel lousy.

Feeling overly tired, weak, struggling with headaches, blurry vision and difficulty concentrating can prevent you from doing the things that you love. 

What you choose to eat can help lower the odds you'll experience these symptoms and feel your best.

This 30-page kit shows you exactly what a diabetes-friendly diet looks like and lists the best foods to eat to control your blood sugars.

Tried and Tested food tips

    Discover my tried and tested food tips that have shown to help my diabetes clients stabilize their blood sugars and boost their energy and vitality - all backed by science.

    Unlimited diabetes-friendly foods

      Find detailed lists of diabetes-friendly foods to make a grocery list in minutes and stock your fridge and pantry with unlimited nourishing foods to help prevent blood sugar spikes.

      Loads of Myth-Busting insights

      Get solid information and end confusion as I bust common diabetes food myths so you can learn to make educated choices about your diet. The wrong knowledge can have dire consequences to your health.

      Easy and Mouthwatering Recipes

      Get EASY, delicious and nourishing recipes that are quick to whip up and complete with nutritional analysis. I've crunched the numbers so you don't have to.

      Dietitian's Guide Post to plant-based eating

      Access to a handy plant-based guide post to help you get complete nutrition, so you're not missing out on any important nutrients.

      Diabetes 180 - Your FREE Starter Kit To Better Management With Diet

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      Are you frustrated trying different food strategies and diets to stabilize your blood sugars, but it's just not working? Are you cutting carbs and feeling deprived? It’s time for a 180 - change the habits that don’t serve you and adopt new ones that propel you to health and vitality.

      Diabetes 180

      Get Your FREE Starter Kit To Better Management With Diet Now!


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