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If you have type 2 diabetes, this one is for you! 

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The world of diabetes is inundated with dangerous food and diet myths:

⛔️ Carbs are the enemy!

⛔️ Starchy foods are off-limits!

⛔️ Dessert? No way!

⛔️ Ditch cultural cuisine!

⛔️ Snacking is unhealthy!


South Asian women with type 2 diabetes endure an immense level of steamrolling from all corners - on top of the added burden of managing the condition. Why are we surprised then when an obsession with food develops? Or when food is used to self-soothe — leading to erratic blood sugars and lousy symptoms. It's a gloomy and heart-breaking cycle, severing the connection between food, body, mind and spirit.

Not being able to shake off feelings of stress, frustration, and overwhelm incapacitates the daily pursuits of life.

There's no denying it, Type 2 diabetes is challenging to manage, but it gets much easier (and more peaceful!) when you have all the facts alongside credible nutrition information - not Whatsapp aunties spreading pseudoscience and fake diet trends.

This easy DIABETES-FRIENDLY snacks list is created to help power you through the day. You'll find:

❥ Heaps of nutrient-packed options

❥ Carb categorized snack combinations - ranging from 5-19 g of carbohydrates

❥ Desi (South Asian) and fusion snacks to satisfy your cravings and fuel your busy days

❥ Vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian options to cater to your specific dietary needs

❥ Make-ahead family-friendly snack ideas to make the most of your time in the kitchen

QUICK & EASY Nibbles For Better Type 2 Diabetes Management

40 Diabetes-Friendly Snacks

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Shahzadi Devje

Reaching your health goals doesn't have to be difficult, confusing, expensive or time-consuming. In fact, Shahzadi has dedicated her entire body of work to make sure that isn't the case. As the creator of D-School: Eat to Beat Type 2, Shahzadi helps Desi women with type 2 diabetes overcome meal planning mayhem and find food freedom with actionable and culturally inclusive diet guidance to control blood sugars and reduce the risk of diabetes complications. With credible science-backed diabetes education, Shahzadi supports women make smart and mindful food decisions and uplevel their confidence in adopting a diabetes-friendly Desi diet. She serves up practical and easy-to-follow training on nourishing foods and Desi~licious recipes alongside dietary plans to help drop A1C and fasting blood sugar levels while ending the confusion and frustration around food - to bring back the pleasure in eating. As a leader in media, you can catch Shahzadi busting nutrition myths on Healthline and cooking up a storm on national TV.

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